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payment solution AG offers cashless payment systems that cover various subsystems, such as point-of-sale in restaurants and kiosks, ticketing & access, parking, hotels and the like.

Using RFID, i.e. contactless chip technology, we integrate these systems into one multi-functional customer card or other media, thus providing enormous convenience for guests, visitors or fans. Loyalty cards, to date mostly limited ID cards with some back-office functionality such as the collection of bonus points, then become an active media. They can be used as a pre-paid card or in credit mode. Earned reward points can be spent, if so desired, immediately. All necessary transaction information is stored not only in the back-office system, but on the card as well. This provides an off-line functionality which ensures operational security and prevents interruptions in spending.

Benefits from our cashless payment solutions include:

  • The elimination of cash leads to increased spending per individual guest through more convenience, faster services and many enhanced marketing options for you
  • Consistent updated data on clients‘ spending and purchasing behavior are a valuable basis for your CRM
  • Cost savings: optimization of your processes and staff allocation becomes possible due to increased speed of service and analysis of transaction times at individual points-of-sales
  • Pre-paid systems have a notable positive effect on your cash-flow.

At payment solution AG we have set ourselves a clear goal: we want to spearhead the technological development, nevertheless only under the condition, it must always provide the greatest benefit to our clients and their business!

The use of the internet or a mobile telephone also represents an additional convenience for clients: topping up, converting bonus points, purchasing of tickets and lots more.

Using the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology we are opening a multitude of new possibilities using the next generation of technology such as mobile telephones as a “virtual card”. This allows the top-up of cash amounts or tickets onto such devices.

Standards and defined interfaces provide for consistent and easy integration worldwide.

Our access to the international network of experts and experienced partners in the RFID world guarantees an answer that fits any client’s demand.



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payment solution AG verwendet die RFID Technologie, aufgrund ihrer einfachen Handhabung, Sicherheit und Lebensdauer.

Sie gewährleistet die notwendige Betriebssicherheit und Flexibilität die Sie benötigen. RFID eröffnet eine Welt wachsender Anwendungen.

Wir setzen auf die Mifare Chip Famile von Philips. Das ist die weltweit am meisten verbreitete RFID Chip Technologie. Wir nutzen die gesamte Bandbreite dieser Chips, von der wirtschaftlichen Mifare Ultralight bis zum hochsicheren DESFire Medium.

Durch die Integration des NFC (Near Field Communication) Protokolls in unsere Produkte partizipieren unsere Kunden an zukünftigen Anwendungen, basierend auf diesem neuen Standard.

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