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Due to the steadily growing market of leasing models for cashless payment systems, payment solution is offering a new kind of event and festival-concept since 2012. Promoter and Caterer of temporary events like music festivals and other outdoor events can benefit from the various advantages of cashless payment systems without investing in the needed hard- and software. In 2012 three major European Music festivals (OpenAir St. Gallen, the Berner Gurtenfestival and the Slootsfjell Festival in Tonsberg, Norway) already started with a custom-made ePayment system from payment solution.


The system from payment solution enables:


·         Payment in all retail areas (VIP, staff, public, parking, etc.) with an RFID-Chip (e.g. card or wristband) in a prepaid method


·         Completely network independent thanks to the offline-ability of the system


·         POS hardware which can be modified to meet the individual needs of the spatial conditions (cash registers, tablets or handhelds)


·         POS software with intuitional user guidance and freely designable sales layouts


·         Electronic revenue controlling in all retail areas (VIP-, staff- & public-catering as well as merchandise)


·         Versatile, multidimensional Reporting- and Controlling-options (based on cash registers, Caterers, areas, products, product groups, dates, timelines, etc.)


·         Individual layout and design of the RFID-device (RFID-cards and/or RFID-tags for wristbands)


·         Additional marketing tool (lottery credit balance, loyalty rewards, which cannot be cashed out but have to be spend on the location)


·         Implementation and supervision of your individual ePayment solution through experienced staff from payment solution on sight


·         Integration of the admission management with RFID-devices


·         Unlimited possibilities of using a modern, multifunctional ePayment solution without capital commitmen




Further benefits of cashless payment solutions in the Festival sector amongst others are:




·         Elimination of cash leads to higher spending per guest, service and comfort increases as well as faster serving of the guests


·         Consistent data of the spending and consumption behavior of the guests are a valuable base to influence the spending attitude and significantly extended marketing and customer binding options (CRM)


·         Cost reductions: accelerated processes and the analysis of transaction timeframes of all kiosks lead to optimization of tasks and personnel placement


·         Liquidity improvement thanks to the use of prepaid systems en


·         RFID-devices as wristbands, cards etc. can straightforward be used as non manipulable admission device




With its ePayment solution for Festivals, payment solution is proving for yet another time that RFID-Technology can not only be used in certain spatial and infrastructural circumstances, but the multiple benefits can even be unfolded in remote event locations. Additionally, ePayment via wristband, which can be used for the admission as well, is offering new freedom for guests and further financial advantages for the organizer.



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