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Operator model

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Apart from our technology and provision of services, we also offer the unique operator model that equips any business with a complete cashless payment system: justpay.

The full service package contains: 

  • Planning, delivery and installation of all hardware and software components in a cashless system
  • Providing and integrating leading market POS systems that will suit your coverage and demands in the
    gastronomy, shops or convenience areas
  • The processing of the operational business, including the manpower management for the cashless system. e.g. cards sales and topping up
  • Cash clearing and accounting with all service points and acceptance points
  • Reporting and business analysis
  • All bank legislations and requirements, such as authorization from your local tax authorities (BaFin, FSA, etc.).

payment solution AG has created with the “justpay” brand an ePayment system that has the usage of a complete cashless payment system.

A standardized internet platform e.g. for card sales, topping up cards and card administration is available for fans or customers. A web appearance for e.g. the event organizer can be integrated for individual card editions, clubs, concerts, company events etc. Individual card layouts and designs create an emotional binding with your clients and allow an identification with each individual event.

All these services are supplied without any investment and without any risk. Therefore this performance-based business model is the correct solution for your business success and provides at the same time our performance benchmark.


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